Congress and Twitter

by Team Politics
Friday, February 20th, 2009

It’s no secret that the Team politics is into The Twitter. We use it to post personal minutiae, keep in touch with tech savvy clients, and generally annoy each other.

I personally like following celebrities: @WarrenEllis, @lilyroseallen, and of course @THE_REAL_SHAQ (very quotatious).

If you’re into following famous-for-DC celebrities, there’s a list of Senate and Congressional twitterers on Congressopedia. I’ve gone through the list and pulled the fun ones (i.e., Twitter accounts that seem like they’re written by the actual Congresstweet and not staff, that are current, and that have some substantive or amusement value.)


John Cornyn (R, TX): Tweets every few days, seems to be into media, and a good communicator.
Sample Tweet: “Check out a video regarding my thoughts on new media and its strong relationship with the NRSC at”

Robert Menendez (D, NJ): Seems to use Twitter primarily for constituent communication.
Sample Tweet: “The economic recovery package, passed last night, will create or save 100,000 New Jersey jobs.”

Claire McCaskill (D, MO): The most personal of the Senate tweeps I checked out, her legislative-focused tweets are unecquivocal (”More audits, good thing.”). But it’s the tweets about her personal life that make her fun to follow.
Sample Tweet: “Happy hearts day. Sneaking away for 2 days with my husband.He’s a great guy and a patient man.”

Chuck Grassley (R, IA): Seems to be really into Twitter, uses it to explain his positions in 140 characters or less. Texts all of his tweets, leading to some interesting abbreviation and typos. He’s also very funny.
Sample Tweet: “CSPAN 530pmEST. FIANAL vote stimulous)porkulus bill I vote NAY. Pres signs 800B$ bill Mon primetime TV”

House of Representatives

Earl Blumenauer (D, OR): Passionate tweets, seems to be really into his job.
Sample Tweet: “Instead of giving subsidies to sugar we should be focusing our resources on feeding our hungry children”

Michael Burgess (R, TX): Another passionate Congressional twitterer, uses Twitter to communicate with/massage constituents (”I truly live in/represent one of the best places on earth.”).
Sample Tweet: “Pelosi urges a yes vote on the stimulus bill. What do you think?”

John Culberson (R, TX): Enthusiastic new media evangelist and old-school conservative. Lots of replies in his stream.
Sample Tweet: “Good night all! Have hope - America’s ingenuity & strength will never be outdone - especially now that We the People have new media tools!”

John Carter (R, TX): Saucy! Uses his stream to stand in opposition to the Democratic leadership.
Sample Tweet: “They released a 1494 page stimulus bill at 11:45pm last night, and brought it to the floor at 9am. Now they want to vote before we can read ”

Ben Lujan (D, NM): Excellent mix of personal and policy-focused tweets. Apparently has a farm?
Sample Tweet: “What a beautiful morning, I fed and watered the sheep, we have 8 baby lambs. I’ll be speaking to the members of the NM legislature today.”

This is by no means a comprehensive list. But it’s a good sample of fun folks to follow on Twitter. If there’s anyone I’ve left off, let me know.

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