RNC RFP for new website gives tech folks the lulz

by Team Politics
Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

A few days ago, the RNC circulated a request for a proposal to rebuild their website to incorporate all the latest, greatest and trendiest components of online social media and web 2.0-ness.

“The GOP’s web aspirations are as ludicrously ambitious as they are maddeningly vague.

Chairman Steele made his tech priorities clear… ‘bottom line is if we haven’t done it — let’s do it. If we haven’t thought of it — think of it. If it hasn’t been tried — why not? If it’s going to be ‘outside the box’ — then not only keep it outside the box, but take it to someplace the box hasn’t even reached yet.’

“Some highlights from the document’s hopelessly vague and self-contradictory requirements:

‘Integrate outside products through common API’s, widgets, or iframes (examples: Kimbia fundraising, Voter Vault, Widgetbox, Ning).

Flash interfaces can often make mundane tasks exciting, and having Flash developers who understand user behavior will make the site more user-friendly.

No limitations on design; the RNC will be in on the entire process and will ensure everything is to our exact specifications.’

Oh, and did the RNC mention they want the website within 45 days, on a fixed budget? Dale Franks at The Next Right calls the GOP operatives who put the proposal out “clueless losers.” That’s being kind. The last thing any designer wants is a client who’s “in on the entire process,” throwing out buzzwords they read in some two-year-old article about the Web clipped from a newspaper.”

Why didn’t they talk with & really LISTEN to the net-savviest folks around the Republican party (Patrick Ruffini, Mindy Finn, Michael Turk, Mike Krempasky, Jon Henke, Soren Dayton or Chuck Defeo?) before sending out something this vague and unattractive to the vendors who would be able to provide them with excellent, affordable services?

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