RNC takes another schizo swing at building a web-home-site-book

by Team Politics
Thursday, March 12th, 2009

After whiffing badly on their first RFP to rebuild the GOP’s web-presence, the RNC has released a second, more-detailed document, this time with a budget ($450k total). It’s rather more fleshed-out than the first one, but still has some screwball directives:

We are looking for a design that is both appealing to new visitors and clean; with the use of white-space and comfortable spacing between sections of the site.  More specifically, while we appreciate the features and rich design of sites like www.myspace.com and www.nfl.com, we are inclined to favor designs like www.facebook.com and www.ning.com.  A couple other good sites that are less social oriented but data rich are www.foxnews.com and www.nbc.com.

So what they want is a site that is socially-oriented and “clean” like Facebook, but data-rich like Foxnews.com? We all know what Facebook looks like, this is what Foxnews.com looks like:

Gotta love that clean design. The differences between the sites mentioned lead me to believe that the GOP’s tech team has a good idea about what they want from the site, and almost no idea how to express it. Also, is $450k a low-ball budget number for a complete overhaul that is obviously going to drag on for years?

Thanks, techPresident!

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