A retrospective of 2008 online ads

by Team Politics
Monday, May 4th, 2009

At techPresident, an excerpt from Kate Kaye’s forthcoming Campaign ‘08: A Turning Point for Digital Media. The McCain campaign embraced my favorite tactic, controversy:

Clinton’s own display ads were few and far between, but the McCain camp made sure she showed up in some anyway. A grinning, sunflower-adorned Hillary flashed the peace sign in one ad. “1 million for a Woodstock Museum? Not so groovy man,” said the ad. It mirrored a McCain TV spot which alluded to Clinton’s proposal to fund a museum in Woodstock, N.Y., commemorating the legendary drugged-out 1969 concert event. Other ads displayed the Vietnam veteran as a hard-as-nails foil to a hippie-fied Hillary.

While the Obama campaign valued the metrics of online ads:

“They knew by the hour how much money their ads were making,” said a media exec who worked closely with the Obama digital ad staff. “There were no slouches on the Obama team,” he added. In fact, his observations of their data-driven decision-making and campaign measurement led the executive to call one top Obama digital ad staffer a “quant.”

Full excerpt here.

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