Olbermann v. the blogosphere

by Team Politics
Friday, May 15th, 2009

So Wonkette, an entity that traffics almost entirely in irony, and Keith Olbermann, an entity that traffics in bizarre, sweaty sincerity, got into a fight recently. Michael Calderone at Politico sums it up.

Following CityFile’s report yesterday that Keith Olbermann’s recent three-day absence from MSNBC was due to a protest over Rachel Maddow booking Ben Affleck for the same night as him, the “Countdown” host responded in a strong statement Thursday afternoon.

But Olbermann wasn’t finished. On Thursday night, Olbermann used up seven minutes of airtime to slam blogs like CityFile, and those that followed up, Gawker and Wonkette.

Wonkette responds, fliply:

Whoo hoo, does this mean Wonkette is now “beneath contempt” in Keith Olbermann’s mind? Self-important much?

I wish this were a new media v. old media showdown, but I think it’s just a hilarious gossip-style hissy, sort of like Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter breakup with Sam Ronson. In which case, I would like this fight to continue until Ken Layne and The Olbermensch and Nick Denton and the guy from CityFile face off in a Klingon-style deathmatch, complete with Bat’leths.

Olbermann’s seven minutes:

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