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by Team Politics
Monday, June 8th, 2009

Howard Kurtz examines True/Slant, an “original content news network tailored to both the “Entrepreneurial Journalist” and marketers who want a more effective way to engage with digital audiences.” Essentially, the site encourages contributors to solicit advertisers to place campaigns:

In fact, [Miles O'Brien, a reporter who has written about the Air France crash for True/Slant] has already contacted such aerospace companies as Boeing and Lockheed Martin to sponsor his work at another site, and plans to do so for True/Slant.

True/Slant has 100 contributors, and unlike, say, the Huffington Post, where most writers blog for free, everyone is compensated in some form. “While it’s not a lot of money, it’s at least validating the worth of the journalism,” says Diane Dimond, a veteran television correspondent who is one of the site’s most prolific bloggers.

While some contributors receive a stipend, others have an equity stake or a share in advertising revenue that they solicit. Dvorkin says such contacts with advertisers would be disclosed and that True/Slant editors would step in if a writer tried to post inappropriate material about an advertiser. “I come from the land of traditional media standards,” he says.

Interesting stuff. The site will also be selling sponsored sections (labeled as advertorials), which doesn’t seem as extreme to me.

Full article.

True/Slant’s “About” page.

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