“You’re like a walking Colonial Williamsburg”

by Team Politics
Friday, June 12th, 2009

I don’t stay up late, except to watch reruns of my favorite television program, so I usually miss The Daily Show, or watch the notable clips on the interworbs. Still, I’m dismayed that I missed this piece from Jason Jones:

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Essentially he skewers the New York Times for being a dying coelocanth, adrift in an ocean full of coelocanth skeletons.

I guess as a quid pro quo, the NYT interviewed Jones. Here’s my favorite (stupid) question:

Given that “The Daily Show” is dependent on other news media to provide you with your fodder, is it counterproductive to help bring down an organization that supplies your content?

Ya hear that, Jonesy? The NYT is the only game in town!

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