People like trash

by Team Politics
Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I’ve noticed today that a lot of publications’ “Most popular stories” lists are full of content that isn’t…super intellectual. For example, we all know that Huffington Post isn’t a substantive political site. But today it’s just being ridiculous:

Oh man, I bet liberal movers and shakers are rearranging their calendars based on ANOTHER LOHAN TOPLESS TWITTER PHOTO or the Lange/Buck feud. Still, the preponderance of trash on HuffPo’s most popular stories may just be indicative of its reach. Let’s compare HuffPo’s most popular stories to those of a more niche publication, say, Politico:

Ahem. Tawdry. But at least in the four and five spots contain some substantive content. Right? Right?

But Politico traffics in gossip! Let’s check a more august pub:

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. “With This Burger, I Thee Wed?” What are people learning from these lists?

Whatever. I have to go watch Daisy of Love now.

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