The “G” stands for nepotism

by Team Politics
Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Just kidding. But Google did recently invest more money in a company founded by Sergey Brin’s wife.

The investment, which Google disclosed in a regulatory filing on Thursday, brings Google’s total investment in the company to $6.5 million. Two years ago, Google invested $3.9 million in 23andMe.

Google’s investment was part of a second round of financing for the company, in which Mr. Brin invested $10 million of his own money.

23andMe offers genetic tests that allows customers to map their DNA and helps them find information about their ancestry and their risk of getting certain diseases.

So here’s my theory: 23andMe is going to genetically test everyone in the world, then host the genetic information of every human on (guess where?) Google’s servers. When the Google-created nano-plague threatens to decimate the population, we’ll have no choice but to cede our rights to the Google-ocracy.

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