10 local government social media myths

by Team Politics
Monday, July 6th, 2009

A list of 10 local government social media myths (that can probably be extrapolated to all uses of social media). Some highlights:

2. It’s all about tools

Too often social media folk use the names of popular tools (like Twitter) to describe types of interaction and social networking.  Unfortunately, that’s just the way things have evolved – a bit like vacuuming being described as Hoovering.   Tools are the support, but people make the conversations.

8. Social media is too risky.

What are the risks of not doing it?  What are local people talking about? If you’re not listening to their message where they’re saying it, then you’re missing a trick and it’s a big reputational and service risk.

On the flip side, mistakes will happen.  Only by actively managing your approach to social media in an open environment can you hope to mitigate that.

Worth a read. via TechRepublican.

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