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People like trash

by Team Politics
Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I’ve noticed today that a lot of publications’ “Most popular stories” lists are full of content that isn’t…super intellectual. For example, we all know that Huffington Post isn’t a substantive political site. But today it’s just being ridiculous:

Oh man, I bet liberal movers and shakers are rearranging their calendars based on ANOTHER LOHAN TOPLESS TWITTER PHOTO or the Lange/Buck feud. Still, the preponderance of trash on HuffPo’s most popular stories may just be indicative of its reach. Let’s compare HuffPo’s most popular stories to those of a more niche publication, say, Politico:

Ahem. Tawdry. But at least in the four and five spots contain some substantive content. Right? Right?

But Politico traffics in gossip! Let’s check a more august pub:

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. “With This Burger, I Thee Wed?” What are people learning from these lists?

Whatever. I have to go watch Daisy of Love now.

I don’t want to pile on…

by Team Politics
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

…but Simon Owens, the general smart dude behind Bloggasm, has an interesting survey of what percentage of Huffington Post’s front page articles are “original reporting.”

There were a total of 77 headlines on the front page of the Huffington Post when I conducted the survey. Of those, 4 headlines simply linked to news outlets offsite. There were 5 HuffPo stories that contained original reporting. There were 55 HuffPo stories that simply expressed opinion and/or summarized content from other outlets.The remaining 13 stories were reprinted wire copy.

So this means that approximately 6% of the HuffPo stories on the front page tonight contained original reporting. This is likely significantly fewer originally reported stories than you’d find on most major newspaper websites, including the New York Times, LA Times and the Washington Post.

Interesting stuff, and certainly makes me skeptical that HuffPo is going to be the news organization of the future.

Huffington pays people who…don’t really need it.

by Team Politics
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

From Gawker, a fun graph that outlines who gets paid at Huffington Post. I’m not surprised that they have unpaid interns (who doesn’t?), but what struck me was the prevalence of “elite” folks on the staff:

It’s not clear how publisher Arianna Huffington decides who to pay and who not to pay (we’ve asked and not yet heard back). But it’s worth noting that some Huffington underlings have higher profiles than others. This year’s staff, for example, includes former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s daughter (per WWD), as well as editor Nicholas Graham, of the family that owns the Washington Post.

Liz Hanks, daughter of actor Tom Hanks, has also worked for the site. And Huffington this year handed an important management role to her godson, heir to a computer fortune worth billions of dollars.

Arianna has always been good at leveraging her media celebrity to grow the site, but this nepotism seems a little crass, no?

HuffPo proves what we already know…

by Team Politics
Thursday, March 19th, 2009

…that it’s not really a political site. Nearly all of it’s above-the-fold content is entertainment:

Of course, even if you collapse the entertainment crawl, HuffPo’s subtle headlines dominate the premium space:

Reminds us of another classy publication:

Stay classy, Arianna.