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PJTV’s subscription model

by Team Politics
Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Pajamas Media shuttered the blog-advertising arm of its biz back in January, with an eye toward building its PJTV brand.

Since they can’t sell advertising, Pajamas Media has made PJTV subscription-based. Now, I’m not against publishers making money by selling subscriptions to premium content — my favorite webcomic does just that. It’s just that for sixty-odd years, television networks have been making (lots of!) money through advertising. And PJTV, is, ostensibly, television.

Weirdly PJTV subscribers don’t even get exclusive access to the most recent content? A cursory look at the page of PJTV’s most famous correspondent shows that his five most recent pieces are free to watch. We don’t get a “subscriber only” video until the sixth piece down.